The People I Met Yesterday

I woke up at 10 am and hear nothing but the loud poof of the plane as the ventilation switches from an outside system. Wherever the story takes me sure I’d have a great water for coffee and tasty garlic butter for my toast, well basically that’s how I start my day.

I went downstairs and saw Amy slowly stirring her cup of hot chocolate while browsing the trending stuffs on buzzfeed which has been the routine mostly. Well, life can get crazy at times and if you’re always rushing around in the morning, it’s difficult being able to have a quiet moment at all, I guess that’s how my mindset works. Exactly 2 hours when the driver came repeatedly stimulating his horn to quickly hop in. “How are you’’? He said. Same script everyday but I can’t complain nor get tired of it cause he takes care of my daily transfer to the office without a missed.

An African guy was standing in the lobby called my name and said “hi”. His name is Akins from Ghana, our company guard living next across the building. I can’t imagine how hard to be on their shoes working for 12 hours or more to keep the security around and yet they’re earning less than what they deserved, sometimes those are the things that’s not easy to understand. In the washroom was where I met Rach and Je where we did all the vanity stuffs, some pep talks or even primping before we got stuck in our swivel chairs.

Anyone have their own obsession and so I went straight to the pantry to satisfy mine. The tea girl just made my day with the brewed coffee and strong aroma scent wrapped in the room stealing every seconds left till the senses get hooked and filled my empty cup. As I passed the reception area to have my attendance with Clay there I saw crowd of Clients sitting on the couch waiting for their turn to be called, it was a quite a busy afternoon and everyone were trying to book their flights and packages for the coming EID Holidays or Eid al-Adha also called “Festival of Sacrifice”.

Finally! I got my sit back. Working with twenty people in Operations Department with different cultural diversities comes with a dare but not with them. They fall into three categories: The Helper – The Complainer – The Risk-taker, regardless of the type of impact they leave, a valuable lesson will always be learned at the end of the day, that’s not too bad isn’t it? Nancy is one of my closest friend like an elder sister who’s sitting beside me, there was never a day that we didn’t talked about her secret affair. She’s one of the truest person I know and adore her for having so much devotion to her family. It’s just that sometimes it’s not all about the salary but the environment but the environment around is what truly matters. There you go Mr. Bimb walking closer to follow up his booking status, the screamer boss who seems to get his way of raising his voice to an unconscionable level, the higher the volume, the higher the commitment. And cheers to Lan who just came for his 5pm shift and plays “The Buddy Boss” like the savior of us all from complaints or booked out cases. Thanks to Cader for showing up and made my sales spiked to the highest. He’s our annoying cool Sales Rep who slowly eats my head for being too pushy and aggressive with all his quotation request yet.

Nine hours later Syed came and dropped me back to Villa. Separating the truth from the fiction, being a Travel Consultant has it’s own perks and disadvantages too yet one thing I truly loves about the job is the happiness it brings to the travelers after booking their flights and holiday packages, the kind of flashback memories that will make them smile every time, a great reminder how beautiful the world is and definitely worth to see.

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