Fall Into Mutual Weirdness

Moving to another country is tough mostly if you don’t know anyone from a particular city yet it also allows you to grow and live independently, meet new people and get to know different points of view, embrace other culture and traditions but that wasn’t my story. It was 27th of September 2015 evening when I met Yani at NAIA International Airport while waiting for my departure to Doha (and yes we were batchmates).

Fast forward…………

After 2 months , the smell of my country was gone, found new friends and Yani has been my closest among thirteen girls in Villa. Let’s just say we have a good chemistry together, she’s a nice and sweet girl and easy to get along with. She’s the kind who doesn’t believe in marriage, whenever we talked about dream weddings and all she used to say it’s not her thing, I guess I could understand why of all why’s but let’s not get deeper than that. Days had passed and she gets more comfortable with me and so am I, though we hardly see each other except weekend which is Friday typically the only day when we can actually talk like a real talk given that we’re assigned in different offices with conflict schedules.

It’s very rare that I do morning shift cause of sleeping issues but that day I did. They said, good communication is just as stimulating as cup of black coffee. Sitting in an empty garage when I received a message from Fifi, one of my closest guy friend back in Philippines asking how’s my life here, did I explored the desert or got new camel friends because I was too busy already and seems that I forget about him you know these kind of drama stuffs just to tease your friend. I’ve known him since we were highschool living in the same Municipality where everyone knows everyone through the names of the parents if you could just imagine how small our place is. Everytime we chat he never failed to ask if I know someone who’s looking for a bf, yeah I had plenty of them but I couldn’t think of any right girl for him cause he’s really a great guy and knowing he’d been through a lot from almost engaged back to being a Bachelor I’d rather tell him that all girls here are taken to avoid further heartbreaks but that day was another day. I sent him Yan’s picture without her knowing and she would hate me for sure if she happens to know.

A call from another line waiting to be picked up. When I lift the phone I heard a loud perky happy voice “friiieeeeeendship” ,it’s Yani. She excitedly asked away, do you know Fifi and how did he know about me? I said he’s my friend and I told him about you and the last thing I remember was I’ve sent your profile picture in messenger. I can hear the giggle and a silent scream on the other line so I guess it’s my turn to toss a coin for puzzling questions and feed my curiosity. I had no idea what happened after I sent the picture but to my surprise it’s something I have never imagined. She started by saying “I enjoy chatting with him and we’ll see where it lead us”. Seriously, really, that fast? It’s been only a day, did Cupid just played his arrows and struck it bluntly?

There’s just something about red wine and red sauce that feels romantic and no we didn’t had red wine but she prepared a special dish of her in red sauce a week after. “Are we celebrating something? Or am I just too excited to ask”? She gave me a warm smile and said she’s happy and thank you. Whoaaahh!! Is this true? How it happened? Are you sure? Wow!!! Maybe it’s true that there’s no clock on Cupid’s arrows instead he can literally fire dipped in the blood of the young at hearts and nobody can stop him. Knowing their personalities I know it’ll work out and could last. Days went by, things were getting better and finally she decided to come home for annual vacation in October which mean she’s gonna meet Fifi for the first time and I can’t wait to hear their stories. Everyday was like watching a live series of two people who found love on their way out of a messy past and it amazes me whenever I look back cause I’ve witnessed how God magically re aligned their situations to find each other. And that once upon a time we believed in fairytales (and still I do by the way), about handsome Prince with his magical kisses who ride on a white stallion and whisk them away to save his Princess and live happily ever after. Well, that was a long time, next thing I know she discovered that prayers are powerful, meditations, intentions and rituals to manifest anything and everything her heart desires. She came to my room one evening when I was alone, she told me a night before Fifi sent her a friend request she talked to God. “I’m fine being single as long as it’s your will, if I’m meant to be with someone I hope I would meet him through online through one of my closest friend”. Around 2am when she received a new friend request from unknown guy. She checked his profile and saw that we’re mutual friends and so she accepted and right there he introduced himself and found out that we’re close friends. There’s a sudden flash and sensed of instant connection between that never felt with anyone. I could see the genuine happiness from her eyes and I can just be happier for them.

A month before she went for vacation (September 2016) Fifi asked me to get her ring finger size secretly which I did effortless while on the table having our dinner with one of our friend. I was looking at my fingers and pretending to wonder the size of my ring finger and she quickly but in telling that I should be aware of it and straight away she said mine is average size and maybe yours too. For some engagement isn’t a real deal, but a girl will always be a girl and for her an engagement ring is a source of pride and a loud and clear message to the world: I love, and will continue to love this person for as long as I shall live, and I want everyone to know that.

John Ellsworth Jr. said “People will go as far as they have to find a mate, but no farther.” 10:00 am when QR flight bound to Manila from Doha arrived…

To be continued..

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