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Healthy marriages requires several essential to make it work aside from the deep emotional connection between the two couple, it requires respect, honor and kindness as well. The story that was portrayed by the characters of “Prelude” didn’t explained much about how it affected the marriage though Adina’s husband showed infidelity practice at one point when he was sick. Adina calmed her nerves and continued to treat him the best way she can even after the rumors kept spreading that her husband went away to be with one of his women, still there was no confrontation happened from her side instead she always give him the benefit of the doubt, nursed him, support him and get fond of him. She never had a single thought of ending the relationship because she cares more of her husband’s happiness than hers, or maybe in real sense she’s in denial of what truly lies in between what she feels and think. There could be tons of reasons to give up from the start, how her siblings in law indirectly made her feel the regrets for their brother marrying her yet life went on and she lived with it without hatred in her heart, how she was cheated on, unfortunately not all women are like her. Too often, an unfaithful spouse whose affair has been discovered will continue to see and/or contact their affair partner. Sometimes this is done in secret. They may assure their spouse that they’ve ended the affair; however, their lack of transparency and untrustworthy behavior indicates otherwise. Bethrayal was never been good part of anything mostly if it’s done by someone closest to us or let say in this case was the husband but maybe the character of Adina also shows what true love is all about, despite the fact that she’s aware by the infidelity of her husband she chose to stay away from the negative effect that might cause the whole family to suffer instead she played a great role to be the best wife that any husband could wish for. At the end of the day she maybe not be the luckiest woman but she was happy that she made her husband the happiest man who lived.

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