An Art Through the Lens – Liit

An art of expression through different lenses of the camera finding the right angle to get the best shot. Anyone could do photography and anything could be a great object for photograph, it’s a matter of how close you pay attention to the detail of what to capture. Creativity of the eye plays the integral part of photography on what should be done with the lighting, composition and focus to make that vision becomes materiality. With the current generation, it’s a trend to have a mandatory selfie everywhere to update our social accounts to cater our personal interest cause the truth is it feels good and entertaining seeing ourselves in a particular moment and sharing to other people how we do chasing more likes and be in the game of popularity that gives us a temporary fulfilment of the day.

Admiring professional photographers to achieve the same quality when taking pictures might take some practice snapping photo after photo till it looks perfect and convincing enough to portray our emotions behind the lens. Selfies could be tough as nails too aside from finding your best angle (which doesn’t work always) you’ll be the photographer at the same time. I never had a hard time since I have taken my share of selfies anyway. I love filters, it adds life in the image but not to the extent of brushing away the raw beauty that almost looks like a wax sculpture. Great lighting and right background are two of the key factors for taking good pictures (or any photo for that matter). It would benefit to stay away from the direct sun light as brassy lighting cause unflattering shadows and highlighted eye bags which you wouldn’t like too.

Going against the flow and discover things for yourself means you can do photography in any way you are pleased to as the saying goes that “Photography is a story we fail to put in words”

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