Two Piece in a Pod – The Wonderland of Honeymooners

Choosing your favorite place is like picking the best tang of ice cream they’re all so good yet gonna end up with the usual taste we’ve always tried. Surely, we do have different definition of Paradise and these places would give you a high pitch of bright eyed and bushy tailed just after you tied your knots.

1. MALDIVES. “THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE” .There’s no better feeling than packing your chic summer outfit get on the plane and arrive in archipelagic island of Maldives where sands are fine and powdery white just like the wide smiles of the locals, where the weather is perfect to bask in the sun and let the deep rays immerse on your skin wrapping you like a warm blanket.

2. SEYCHELLES. “WELCOME TO ANOTHER WORLD”. With it’s outstanding calm atmosphere, talcum powder beaches swaddled by topaz waters, vigorous hills and an awe-inspiring laidback settings will definitely turn your head around on this stunning island of Seychelles with the tropical oceanic climate. Flying here could be a bit challenging for your pocket yet won’t make you regret a single penny to be spent.

3. BALI INDONESIA.”WONDERFUL INDONESIA”. Being the most popular island “Bali” in the Indonesian archipelago that’s well known for it’s ancient culture and hospitality with plenty of temples and palaces that sets natural backdrops of top attractions. There are plenty of astounding beaches and affordable upscale resorts in different Bali’s famed areas like Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran where the lodges are just in front of the beach with the tranquil seascapes and sunrises in the eastern side of Nusa Dua, Sanur, and the remote coast of Candidasa. Not only the pristine water but the central highlands of Ubud with it’s flowing rice fields could be your best bets too.

4. THAILAND.”AMAZING THAILAND”. The accommodating and fun loving nature to welcome you from the glittering temples to tropical bluish clear water of beautiful islands through to the comforting Thai smile that makes you feel homey.

5. SANTORINI GREECE. “ALL TIME CLASSIC” . Located in Aegean sea that takes less than an hour flight from Athens to the island. It has always been a dream escape for romantic getaways because of the breath taking snow drift of white cycladic stylish houses lining the cliff tops and places. A good toast while watching the sun sets with the reflection of orange and red in the cliffs could be the best part of your day.

6. TUSCANY ITALY.”MADE IN ITALY”. Wouldn’t you fall inlove waking up in the morning seeing this lovely scenic picturesque like a cast in the movie “Letters to Juliet”. Be indulged with it’s outstanding taste of cuisines and wines which being said that “a good wine isn’t properly judged of till the second glass” . Buongiorno!

7. KYOTO,JAPAN “ENDLESS DISCOVERY”. Located in the Central part of Honshu Japan, this tranquil heavenly spectacular panoramic view surrounded by mountains and cities will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet that you would wish to keep going back cause of the romantic settings added by the cherry blossom trees with it’s perfect climate. The exquisite taste of cuisines that would melt your taste buds is something you don’t want to missed either.

8. FINLAND “I WISH I WAS IN FINLAND”. It’s not only about Santa Claus home but in Northern Lapland when the sky is clear, there’s a blazing dancing lights you can watch from the comfy bed of your igloo or cottage. Witnessing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is once in a lifetime experience that could be even more special watching with your partner.

9. SWITZERLAND “GET NATURAL”. The mere thought of flying to Switzerland would make you roll your eyes because of the diverse scenic landscapes that only get to see through pictures of advertisements. Aside from the unspoilt charm of the Alps there’s a vast stretch of wildlife and sanctuaries that promises a bundle of excitement and fun with a guarantee picture of perfect hassle free kind of honeymoon.

10. IRELAND.”JUMP INTO IRELAND” The stone fences, green hills, country roads, tiny farm, lakes and the cheeky isles, the people and the character of place itself gives a complete backdrop for all kinds of adventures whether it’ll be in Castles, long walks on beaches, visiting Cathedrals, horseback riding and what about the Irish sunsets? Surely gives you an oozing romantically “Fairy Tale” kind of moment.

11.KENYA.”MAGICAL KENYA”. Choosing a rugged place for honeymoon makes more desirable and intimate since it’s not the common place where people usually go. An adventured filled holiday surrounded by packed of magnificent animals in an authentic classic Safari set up is the best part with the rustic country style cottages, large windows having a view of mountains and grass plains,private veranda for a good toast of champagne,curling up with each other in a peaceful and solitude set up are worth the while.

Disclaimer : These are based on mostly requested honeymoon spots by our Clients and not to offend other places not mentioned in the list.

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  1. Alisha says:

    I want to travel in the month of January with in India want to enjoy snow fall
    snow fall

    1. shinu🍁 says:

      Hi !yeah you should try , and could be the perfect month too first week of January at least, we’ll actually it depends which part of India you’ll go. We can help you with the booking in case you need.

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