The Home of Ayurveda in Kerala India

Our minds, body and soul should be in rhythm to fill the inner peace and happiness that often set aside because we’re preoccupied with our daily activities . In the Southern West corner of Indian Peninsula there’s a state called Kerala, where this 5 star property in Marari Beach is located and named “Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort”. The calm beauty in a beach setting surrounded by lush green of trees and grass, flowers attracting butterflies to kiss them under the sun and villas that are spacious to roam around having the essence of privacy will surely gives you an enormous feeling of relaxation and healing at the same time. An oasis tucked in a small village which takes few hours from Cochin Airport promises a buzzing moment during the stay with its uniquely stylish structures that would definitely worth of every drop of your dime by the quality of service from qualified professional medical therapist and a wellness diet program (which teaches that diet is the foundation of health and is centred on 3 bio energy forces called doshas: Vata,Pitta and Kapha) arranged beautifully with the touch of Indian colors and flavors. The program truly meets or even beyond the expectation that complements the revitalizing and refreshing surroundings finding serenity out of stillness with exquisite sweetness refounded through solitude that enhances results.

Following Programmes are available :detox, weight loss, rejuvenation, stress management and anti-aging.

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