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“Reason” A Short Poem from My Niece

A season is like a reason
When you’re about to pick the right reason
You will put your mind in prison

Always think clearly of it
For you not to regret of it
It will never put your mind out of it

You must try to give yourself a treat
Just even for a single bit
Relax your mind, and work for it
Then it will lead you to the best you haven’t met

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We are a couple based in Doha Qatar working as a Travel Consultant, Travelers when there’s chance and Blogger during idle hours. I just love sharing random stuffs in my head, experiences along the way and some gained knowledge from our jobs, and yes we could also be of help when it comes to any travel related thing. Connecting with people having the same interest and creativity is some kind of a long term goal that please and inspires me a lot and hoping that whoever reads my articles feels the same thing😊

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  1. iScriblr

    Wonderful advise!❤

    1. shinu🍁

      thankyou. I’ll tell my niece☺

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