Sidd in Singapore 🇸🇬

What it takes to have a 24 hours stop in a city where you’ve never been to?

There are no direct flights from Denpasar Airport to reach Lucknow India and the only option is to transit via Singapore. While waiting for boarding an airline ground staff announced the delay of estimated departure due to late turn around of the same aircraft to be used. It was honestly the worst thing ever he heard that day thinking the short time to spend in the city known for Tagline “Passion Made Possible” .After kicking one’s heels, he finally arrived at Changi Airport (2 hrs and 40 min flight duration) with mixed tickled pink and cold feet at the same time. The Immigration officer asked how many days he intends to stay as Visa allows a maximum period of 30 days with a validity of 2 years, 24 hours maybe sounds good to welcomed him with a smile. In the arrival area there’s a Helpdesk Center to provide details you might need like a map or tourist book and in his case watching some vlogs about this place gave him an idea where to go and that’s to explore “Little India”. He installed “Grab” app instead of taking a cab from the taxi stand surely cost more than bus or trains yet cheaper compare to Taxi’s roaming around. If staying longer then MRT could definitely the best choice of transport considering the fastest and efficient way to get you to most parts of Singapore. He booked Sandpiper Hotel (3 star property), location wise is convenient to markets or shopping centers, local Indian restaurants, Mrt stations, and walkable distance to Little India. Rooms are relatively small yet fair enough for 1 night lodge mostly if travelling alone and if not carrying too much luggage to fit in the space. Wifi is also available, front desk were nice and helpful, still recommendable if not so picky. Dinner was served in Bismillah Biryani Restaurant nearby the hotel. Around 7 pm when the driver came to bring him to Night Safari (he paid 15 SGD for the driver + 47 SGD for the entrance ticket). The timing was perfect as soon as he entered the zoo a live show was ongoing treating everyone with an amazing experience and great fun. The park lightings significantly catch the eye of the visitors to enjoy nocturnal behavior of different animals in the forest which is normally open till 12:30 midnight.

Morning of the next day he decided to have his breakfast in “little India Restaurant” just few steps away from the hotel and get prepared for the half day tour to take him to Marina Bay to see Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Grab app made his life much easier in a click of his finger driver was there, that’s pretty comfortable, isn’t it? Entrance cost SGD 28 (for both Cloud Forest and Flower Dome). A magnificent and worthy to visit with its well-maintained nature of greeneries and impeccable architecture of the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. This refreshing mist of waterfall in Cloud Forest that welcomes the tourist gives an instant impression to take you through levels of opportunity to see various tropical kind of plants. And yes, not all comes for free cause if wish to do skywalk or have access to glass domes there would have to pay an additional cost. You don’t need to be a huge flower sucker to deeply get impressed and appreciates the Flower Dome, just get your feet there lay your eyes enjoy the heavenly scent and let it judge on its own. It could’ve been better if not departing in 3 hours unfortunately the driver was already waiting outside to drop him to the Airport.

“It’s not always about how long you stayed in one place, but how it indulged your spirit and the feeling of being at home is more enough to fall in love with the city”

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