Dried Roses in My Closet

Once had a stunning youthful glow that stands out from the rest, the jazzy velvety colors of the petals and the alluring scent that lingers and get stuck in the senses has gone. Now every side dried out, leaves almost falls off from the stalk and not as lovely as freshly picked. The form didn’t changed except that it doesn’t look alive anymore and fragile not to hold it tight, but why I still keep them after all when there are tons of reasons to trash them away. Roses are one of the sweetest creation that never needs to compete for crowns to justify they exist, they just naturally bloom one day into the prettiest version of their own that brings a bliss in a single blink of an eye. It has the power to convey the sincerest kind of affection that oftenly can’t be expressed by words. I’ve got these hanged in my closet for quite a while, still I found them attractive and always makes me smile whenever I see them (sounds cheesy huh ,but yes it was my first time receiving a bouquet of flowers upon arriving at the airport). Looks could have been faded through months or years yet it all turned to more uniquely styled version of elegance that blossomed over the time of maturity. That kind of beauty that fresh ones doesn’t have, the experience along the way to a well lived life⚘

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.Song of Solomon 4:7

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  1. Shoaib Akhtar Siddiqui says:

    Nice post

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