Friday Contemplation from “Room 905”

Sitting next to the glass window of 9th floor right on spot view of well-built architectures and busy bright lights on the street cars moving everywhere trying to catch the day before it ends. I wonder why their weekend falls on Thursdays and Fridays what’s special on these days? Why not the usual Saturdays and Sundays? Is it because Friday is their Salaat-Ul-Jumma? Really, I have no idea but living here for quite some time get me used to this pattern. Days are passing by so fast in a snap of the finger without realizing a second has gone. It was like yesterday I came and the whole thing looks dreary and daunting like a fish out of the water cause by the unusual set up of the district being compared to my native country, and yes today is my 3 years of loving every blind side of this place and the sensory memories which will never leave me. Could be true when in Rome do as the Romans do if you know what I mean. Behind the luminosity lies the dusty desert coating the entire city of Doha concealed by darkness and snazzy skyscrapers that magnetize the eyes of the gazer. Random thoughts occupying my head waiting for the electric kettle hit 100°C to make my Joe while the distressing news about Pakistan bombing keeps playing on different tv channels and can’t help but to ponder why people are so heartless nowadays, can somebody tell “Genie” to come out of the bottle and put these killers in?!!Facing the blank screen moving my cursor left and right puzzled of words hitting backspace and retype and backspace when a sudden mocking blip from the boiling water just broke the silence ready to stir up my cup. Naively starring outside and see no stars probably the effect of the artificial lights in night skies which makes it hard to detect by own eyes just as how rare the rain shows up on this land. This isn’t my first time coming here however it’s different from all other days I took to this place. Maybe because the landscape is so magnificent? I don’t think so. Could it be that it’s such a beautiful night? Nah, that can’t be. Maybe it had to do with the fact that my mind can freely travel the farthest my sight could the way my hands navigate right words on keyboards to fill in the blank page, like how fairytales excites and astonish the imagination of the kids. Guess I just found my feet today when nobody can get my butt in gear when it comes to things I couldn’t do the whole week long. One great way to instill that feeling of happiness is simply sit in silence, for just a few minutes, and just be. Observe the breath without inferring how slow or how fast it is going or what thoughts are coming and going and allow ourselves to actually feel our own presence. The presence of true self. The essence of who we are and this is what exactly I love about Fridays when the birds are out of the cage and can freely soar highly in the sky.

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