STILTS “the Maldives” of Batangas

Beautifully creates a tinkling melodious sound out of silence sway by the wind that gives an enormous captivating effect to uplift the spirit and soul. Beyond the horizon where eyes and lines meet lies a vibe to be felt and engraved. Hidden in the Western Coast Peninsula of Calatagan is a resort called “ Stilts Beach” the dubbed Maldives inspired landscape in the province of Batangas (3 hours drive from the South of Manila). The stunning white sand paradise and iconic floating cottages above pristine water with fully furnished wooden lanai has perfect setting to crack the hustle and bustle city life and simply enjoy watching the sun falls down the skyline.

Taking a wheel to this small town doesn’t come cheap but surely gives you a whole whale of time. They have different room types depending on pocket preference if wish to stay overnight and day tour is an option as well . I could say I’m pretty lucky enough to be a local cause I’ve got plenty of reasons not to spend a dime for 1 night of forty winks since my house is utterly close by.

We buckled our seatbelts and drove to resort with my bestfriend last April 2018.


Passing the green lane of ravishing trees we reached the main entrance, two security guards asked if we have a reservation and told them we’re just gonna have dinner. They handed the pass and directed the way to infinity parking lot which wasn’t jammed that day. As getting nearer to the reception area we’re hearing the clapper kept playing in the cool breeze from the sea, the catchy tag lines posted in every corner surely won’t make you back out your feet. In the lobby is where the restaurant located more woody tables outside the pavilion to be occupied with a dense view of cottages and beach, chimes hung on the trees being swayed by the wind and cozy lanterns glow adding a unique sentiment of the moment. As luck would have it the waiter came to our table and offered a complimentary welcome drink (it’s from a friend who’s working there yet I don’t say either to have a big cheese on plate to get the attention) I guess that’s just one of the perks being in hometown where someone knows someone. We ordered “bulalo’’ the famous dish in Batangas, scrummy “lumpiang hubad” ,their chocolate pastry with drops of Bacardi rum which was quite strong to be honest. Shortly after having our sumptuous dinner we decided to take a walk in the stretch of the beach under the bright stars and get mesmerized how charming the night was like a tourist trapped in a beautiful island somewhere and doesn’t want to go back yet. Sitting in a gazebo on the beach adorned with candle lights and white flowers, the tiny woooosshhh sound of the wave , who wouldn’t wish to get a diamond ring right on the spot? None of us anyway! but cup of Joe did saved us😊 “Kuya” who’s in charge in the venue was cool enough to pitch in and capture good shots in between. I mean 3-4 hours break into this place wrapped up our night and call it a day. Might be a bit pricey for some, but the snap happiness and smiles it brings gives a fair shake yet even greater memorable experience.

” Happy hearts always win and smiles that can’t be taken back is something worth than a million. At the end of the day we look for our kind of serenity and always, always it finds us back home”

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