AC Needs A Kit-Kat Too

Yesterday I was on the phone with my Client discussing about their honeymoon plans when my Manager hastily went on panic and yelled telling our neighboring Villa was on fire. Everyone was in a hurry to leave the office and save their passports left in their closets and me sitting upfront playing like a deadpool talking about Maldives Package and all. My friend who’s living in the opposite block of flats kept me posted of the current situation in case it gets worst. There’s a rule that taking pictures/videos are prohibited and subject for deportation, who wouldn’t get scared of that when police officers started checking each and every person they’ve seen holding phones during the event. It’s no different with any other countries having paparazzi everywhere, but sharing in social media to get sympathy or interest for trending status cause is a big NO NO!

While girls were downstairs ,they’ve heard a loud bang coming from the master’s bedroom. All get alarmed and rushed to the 2nd floor when they saw the Air Conditioner sparks from the back end of the stabilizers loose contact in the screw that started emitting fumes and quickly turned into flames ignited by some fabrics and woods next to it due to overheating of the compressor. Firefighters came after few minutes being wrapped by heavy smoke and getting suffocated by the smell of burnt wires and materials. Given the comfort AC  brings to cool our space , it’s not bad at all to switch it off when not necessary. Sometimes it works better and last longer when we’re  giving it a break.



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