Biyukukung in the Midst of Ubud Bali

Biyu which means banana and Kukung is a snake fruit. We arrived at the hotel passed 5 pm and from the reception area I could see the refreshing scenery of green rice fields, the sound of water stream from the infinite pools and the high pitch chirping sound of the cricket. The place was just simply fascinating and so are the staffs. She handed the room key and we walked ahead to room 101. Dangled of white curtains draped on the front glass door with a mini balcony and garden facing paddy and bamboo villas on the other side was just stunning to stare at and feels so homey. There’s a complimentary fruit bowl of banana and snake fruit on the wooden table where the property was named after Biyukukung Suites. The location is very accessible that makes it easy to roam by walk whether it’ll be restaurants, souvenir shops, spa and yoga center or even tourist spots like Monkey Forest which is 2.1 km away from the hotel. The roads were not congested though scooters are everywhere being used by locals and tourists. From Kuta we have arranged our full day car hire costing 500,000 IDR per day through the recommendation of our friend (I can share the contact if you need). While on our way we’ve seen Balinese people placing offerings in front of small shrines in their houses, a thin stick of burning incense surrounded by brightly colorful flowers and petals that brings balance and peace. It’s enthralling to see how devoted they are when it comes to their spiritual practices that’s not always witnessed mostly in my country. We dined in “Bebek Bengil” restaurant near Monkey Forest and enjoyed their local signature of Nasi Goreng and the crispy duck for the first time and hate me not but I think what we’ve paid deserves more for our taste buds cause it’s a bit pricey or maybe we’re not just a fan of duck but seriously worth of a try if coming to Ubud.

We continued walking after our dinner and checked out some souvenir shops and convenient stores nearby incase we’ll be in need of something. In Bali everything is “Hati” means heart and there’s what they call “Hati-Hati” or take care of your heart. A glimpse of sun rays in the window seeing the view of rice paddy from my bed and hearing the birds twittering in the balcony was such a captivating morning to wake up and have coffee watching the sunrise.


While having our breakfast we had a bit chit chat with the waiter of the hotel. He is 59 yrs old, very nice and generous enough to share the native culture of Bali, famous places to visit, restaurants for the best local dish, meditation centers, spiritual healers and who would forget this Guru guy from Eat Pray and Love movie “Ketut” which he said passed away few years ago .I love the simplicity of their lives, dreams that aren’t complicated and contentment of what they have is something that we don’t get across everyday and having the chance to experience the free worry kind of world around is certainly special.

We booked our flights and hotel and the rest were just happened on the road. Backpacks, white sneakers and sometimes flip flops or bikes is all you need in Ubud. No need for clay fancy stuffs. Respect that won’t cost an arm and leg, the basic and simplest rule to follow mostly when going to Holy Temples. Girls should wear sarong or kain kambeng and scarfs known as selendang for men.

Undeniably one of my favorite Temple in Ubud is Pura Tirta Empul. It’s a crowded place during mid day yet with a peaceful awe inspiring for devotees. Don’t leave without having a purification bath in the holy water springs believing to bring good health and success in life. It has 13 channeled sprouts to perform your prayers and skip the 11th and 12th (they say it’s ritual for the dead).

Entrance Fee : IDR 15,000 per person

The lovely Tegalalang Rice Terraces that serves as the highlight of the photo op after long steps sweating and extra pounds burning we’re all worth it after hours of trekking and resting under the trees. There’s nothing to stash from the pocket here unless maybe you would hire a guide.

Bali Luwak Coffee Plantation

Tasting Luwak coffee was my favorite part being a “coffeaholic” if the term make sense. It’s one of the most expensive coffee that comes from the poop of Palm Civet. We’ve paid IDR300,000 for the entrance fee including the great treat of different brews of coffees/teas with a twist of spices made by their self hand.


Mt Batur was one of the top spot during the tour. The climate in the surrounded area was a bit colder, street vendors selling souvenirs at bargained prices and this pretty needlelike spikes that everyone claims for the foul odor was on our curiosity list for taste test crest. Yes I’m talking about Durian fruit that everyone hates. Strange piece with a unique and striking taste that smells stinky socks yet I couldn’t say it’s disgusting. We liked it to be honest but maybe just “maybe” in a form of candies would be better.

Mt. Batur

Every journey woudn’t  be complete without souvenirs to take home. I’m a huge sucker of lucky charms and luckily we found one near the hotel. I bought a rudraksha beads bracelet that says a tear from Shiva’s eye grew into this tree and wearing it will have her protection so I’m using it everyday and guess it’s working 😊


We had this trip in April 2018 ,spent 2 nights in Kuta and 3 nights in Ubud too short for such a beautiful place like Bali. We’re planning to go back soon and hoping for a little longer stay.

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