Month: July 2018


Healthy marriages requires several essential to make it work aside from the deep emotional connection between the two couple, it

An Art Through the Lens – Liit

An art of expression through different lenses of the camera finding the right angle to get the best shot. Anyone

The Home of Ayurveda in Kerala India

Our minds, body and soul should be in rhythm to fill the inner peace and happiness that often set aside

Two Piece in a Pod – The Wonderland of Honeymooners

Choosing your favorite place is like picking the best tang of ice cream they’re all so good yet gonna end

Greece Wildfire

Let’s pray for the people of Greece🙏 “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” – Isaiah

“Reason” A Short Poem from My Niece

A season is like a reason When you’re about to pick the right reason You will put your mind in

Sidd in Singapore 🇸🇬

What it takes to have a 24 hours stop in a city where you’ve never been to? There are no

Dried Roses in My Closet

Once had a stunning youthful glow that stands out from the rest, the jazzy velvety colors of the petals and

Friday Contemplation from “Room 905”

Sitting next to the glass window of 9th floor right on spot view of well-built architectures and busy bright lights

STILTS “the Maldives” of Batangas

Beautifully creates a tinkling melodious sound out of silence sway by the wind that gives an enormous captivating effect to

AC Needs A Kit-Kat Too

Yesterday I was on the phone with my Client discussing about their honeymoon plans when my Manager hastily went on

Biyukukung in the Midst of Ubud Bali

Biyu which means banana and Kukung is a snake fruit. We arrived at the hotel passed 5 pm and from

Perfect Cheesy Bait For Her

“Where have you been all my life? Looking for you in all wrong places but I can’t say I regret

Candy Jars Deserves What?

Eye catchy , yes definitely! Does it taste good? yes! the stoned shape taste better. Which is sweeter?nips it is!