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Healthy marriages requires several essential to make it work aside from the deep emotional connection between the two couple, it requires respect, honor and kindness as well. The story that was portrayed by the characters of “Prelude” didn’t explained much about how it affected the marriage though Adina’s husband showed infidelity practice at one point when he was sick. Adina calmed her nerves and continued to treat him the best way she can even after the rumors kept spreading that her husband went away to be with one of his women, still there was no confrontation happened from her side instead she always give him the benefit of the doubt, nursed him, support him and get fond of him. She never had a single thought of ending the relationship because she cares more of her husband’s happiness than hers, or maybe in real sense she’s in denial of what truly lies in between what she feels and think. There could be tons of reasons to give up from the start, how her siblings in law indirectly made her feel the regrets for their brother marrying her yet life went on and she lived with it without hatred in her heart, how she was cheated on, unfortunately not all women are like her. Too often, an unfaithful spouse whose affair has been discovered will continue to see and/or contact their affair partner. Sometimes this is done in secret. They may assure their spouse that they’ve ended the affair; however, their lack of transparency and untrustworthy behavior indicates otherwise. Bethrayal was never been good part of anything mostly if it’s done by someone closest to us or let say in this case was the husband but maybe the character of Adina also shows what true love is all about, despite the fact that she’s aware by the infidelity of her husband she chose to stay away from the negative effect that might cause the whole family to suffer instead she played a great role to be the best wife that any husband could wish for. At the end of the day she maybe not be the luckiest woman but she was happy that she made her husband the happiest man who lived.


An Art Through the Lens – Liit

An art of expression through different lenses of the camera finding the right angle to get the best shot. Anyone could do photography and anything could be a great object for photograph, it’s a matter of how close you pay attention to the detail of what to capture. Creativity of the eye plays the integral part of photography on what should be done with the lighting, composition and focus to make that vision becomes materiality. With the current generation, it’s a trend to have a mandatory selfie everywhere to update our social accounts to cater our personal interest cause the truth is it feels good and entertaining seeing ourselves in a particular moment and sharing to other people how we do chasing more likes and be in the game of popularity that gives us a temporary fulfilment of the day.

Admiring professional photographers to achieve the same quality when taking pictures might take some practice snapping photo after photo till it looks perfect and convincing enough to portray our emotions behind the lens. Selfies could be tough as nails too aside from finding your best angle (which doesn’t work always) you’ll be the photographer at the same time. I never had a hard time since I have taken my share of selfies anyway. I love filters, it adds life in the image but not to the extent of brushing away the raw beauty that almost looks like a wax sculpture. Great lighting and right background are two of the key factors for taking good pictures (or any photo for that matter). It would benefit to stay away from the direct sun light as brassy lighting cause unflattering shadows and highlighted eye bags which you wouldn’t like too.

Going against the flow and discover things for yourself means you can do photography in any way you are pleased to as the saying goes that “Photography is a story we fail to put in words”

The Home of Ayurveda in Kerala India

Our minds, body and soul should be in rhythm to fill the inner peace and happiness that often set aside because we’re preoccupied with our daily activities . In the Southern West corner of Indian Peninsula there’s a state called Kerala, where this 5 star property in Marari Beach is located and named “Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort”. The calm beauty in a beach setting surrounded by lush green of trees and grass, flowers attracting butterflies to kiss them under the sun and villas that are spacious to roam around having the essence of privacy will surely gives you an enormous feeling of relaxation and healing at the same time. An oasis tucked in a small village which takes few hours from Cochin Airport promises a buzzing moment during the stay with its uniquely stylish structures that would definitely worth of every drop of your dime by the quality of service from qualified professional medical therapist and a wellness diet program (which teaches that diet is the foundation of health and is centred on 3 bio energy forces called doshas: Vata,Pitta and Kapha) arranged beautifully with the touch of Indian colors and flavors. The program truly meets or even beyond the expectation that complements the revitalizing and refreshing surroundings finding serenity out of stillness with exquisite sweetness refounded through solitude that enhances results.

Following Programmes are available :detox, weight loss, rejuvenation, stress management and anti-aging.

Please check the link for more details :

Two Piece in a Pod – The Wonderland of Honeymooners

Choosing your favorite place is like picking the best tang of ice cream they’re all so good yet gonna end up with the usual taste we’ve always tried. Surely, we do have different definition of Paradise and these places would give you a high pitch of bright eyed and bushy tailed just after you tied your knots.

1. MALDIVES. “THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE” .There’s no better feeling than packing your chic summer outfit get on the plane and arrive in archipelagic island of Maldives where sands are fine and powdery white just like the wide smiles of the locals, where the weather is perfect to bask in the sun and let the deep rays immerse on your skin wrapping you like a warm blanket.

2. SEYCHELLES. “WELCOME TO ANOTHER WORLD”. With it’s outstanding calm atmosphere, talcum powder beaches swaddled by topaz waters, vigorous hills and an awe-inspiring laidback settings will definitely turn your head around on this stunning island of Seychelles with the tropical oceanic climate. Flying here could be a bit challenging for your pocket yet won’t make you regret a single penny to be spent.

3. BALI INDONESIA.”WONDERFUL INDONESIA”. Being the most popular island “Bali” in the Indonesian archipelago that’s well known for it’s ancient culture and hospitality with plenty of temples and palaces that sets natural backdrops of top attractions. There are plenty of astounding beaches and affordable upscale resorts in different Bali’s famed areas like Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran where the lodges are just in front of the beach with the tranquil seascapes and sunrises in the eastern side of Nusa Dua, Sanur, and the remote coast of Candidasa. Not only the pristine water but the central highlands of Ubud with it’s flowing rice fields could be your best bets too.

4. THAILAND.”AMAZING THAILAND”. The accommodating and fun loving nature to welcome you from the glittering temples to tropical bluish clear water of beautiful islands through to the comforting Thai smile that makes you feel homey.

5. SANTORINI GREECE. “ALL TIME CLASSIC” . Located in Aegean sea that takes less than an hour flight from Athens to the island. It has always been a dream escape for romantic getaways because of the breath taking snow drift of white cycladic stylish houses lining the cliff tops and places. A good toast while watching the sun sets with the reflection of orange and red in the cliffs could be the best part of your day.

6. TUSCANY ITALY.”MADE IN ITALY”. Wouldn’t you fall inlove waking up in the morning seeing this lovely scenic picturesque like a cast in the movie “Letters to Juliet”. Be indulged with it’s outstanding taste of cuisines and wines which being said that “a good wine isn’t properly judged of till the second glass” . Buongiorno!

7. KYOTO,JAPAN “ENDLESS DISCOVERY”. Located in the Central part of Honshu Japan, this tranquil heavenly spectacular panoramic view surrounded by mountains and cities will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet that you would wish to keep going back cause of the romantic settings added by the cherry blossom trees with it’s perfect climate. The exquisite taste of cuisines that would melt your taste buds is something you don’t want to missed either.

8. FINLAND “I WISH I WAS IN FINLAND”. It’s not only about Santa Claus home but in Northern Lapland when the sky is clear, there’s a blazing dancing lights you can watch from the comfy bed of your igloo or cottage. Witnessing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is once in a lifetime experience that could be even more special watching with your partner.

9. SWITZERLAND “GET NATURAL”. The mere thought of flying to Switzerland would make you roll your eyes because of the diverse scenic landscapes that only get to see through pictures of advertisements. Aside from the unspoilt charm of the Alps there’s a vast stretch of wildlife and sanctuaries that promises a bundle of excitement and fun with a guarantee picture of perfect hassle free kind of honeymoon.

10. IRELAND.”JUMP INTO IRELAND” The stone fences, green hills, country roads, tiny farm, lakes and the cheeky isles, the people and the character of place itself gives a complete backdrop for all kinds of adventures whether it’ll be in Castles, long walks on beaches, visiting Cathedrals, horseback riding and what about the Irish sunsets? Surely gives you an oozing romantically “Fairy Tale” kind of moment.

11.KENYA.”MAGICAL KENYA”. Choosing a rugged place for honeymoon makes more desirable and intimate since it’s not the common place where people usually go. An adventured filled holiday surrounded by packed of magnificent animals in an authentic classic Safari set up is the best part with the rustic country style cottages, large windows having a view of mountains and grass plains,private veranda for a good toast of champagne,curling up with each other in a peaceful and solitude set up are worth the while.

Disclaimer : These are based on mostly requested honeymoon spots by our Clients and not to offend other places not mentioned in the list.

“Reason” A Short Poem from My Niece

A season is like a reason
When you’re about to pick the right reason
You will put your mind in prison

Always think clearly of it
For you not to regret of it
It will never put your mind out of it

You must try to give yourself a treat
Just even for a single bit
Relax your mind, and work for it
Then it will lead you to the best you haven’t met

Sidd in Singapore 🇸🇬

What it takes to have a 24 hours stop in a city where you’ve never been to?

There are no direct flights from Denpasar Airport to reach Lucknow India and the only option is to transit via Singapore. While waiting for boarding an airline ground staff announced the delay of estimated departure due to late turn around of the same aircraft to be used. It was honestly the worst thing ever he heard that day thinking the short time to spend in the city known for Tagline “Passion Made Possible” .After kicking one’s heels, he finally arrived at Changi Airport (2 hrs and 40 min flight duration) with mixed tickled pink and cold feet at the same time. The Immigration officer asked how many days he intends to stay as Visa allows a maximum period of 30 days with a validity of 2 years, 24 hours maybe sounds good to welcomed him with a smile. In the arrival area there’s a Helpdesk Center to provide details you might need like a map or tourist book and in his case watching some vlogs about this place gave him an idea where to go and that’s to explore “Little India”. He installed “Grab” app instead of taking a cab from the taxi stand surely cost more than bus or trains yet cheaper compare to Taxi’s roaming around. If staying longer then MRT could definitely the best choice of transport considering the fastest and efficient way to get you to most parts of Singapore. He booked Sandpiper Hotel (3 star property), location wise is convenient to markets or shopping centers, local Indian restaurants, Mrt stations, and walkable distance to Little India. Rooms are relatively small yet fair enough for 1 night lodge mostly if travelling alone and if not carrying too much luggage to fit in the space. Wifi is also available, front desk were nice and helpful, still recommendable if not so picky. Dinner was served in Bismillah Biryani Restaurant nearby the hotel. Around 7 pm when the driver came to bring him to Night Safari (he paid 15 SGD for the driver + 47 SGD for the entrance ticket). The timing was perfect as soon as he entered the zoo a live show was ongoing treating everyone with an amazing experience and great fun. The park lightings significantly catch the eye of the visitors to enjoy nocturnal behavior of different animals in the forest which is normally open till 12:30 midnight.

Morning of the next day he decided to have his breakfast in “little India Restaurant” just few steps away from the hotel and get prepared for the half day tour to take him to Marina Bay to see Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Grab app made his life much easier in a click of his finger driver was there, that’s pretty comfortable, isn’t it? Entrance cost SGD 28 (for both Cloud Forest and Flower Dome). A magnificent and worthy to visit with its well-maintained nature of greeneries and impeccable architecture of the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. This refreshing mist of waterfall in Cloud Forest that welcomes the tourist gives an instant impression to take you through levels of opportunity to see various tropical kind of plants. And yes, not all comes for free cause if wish to do skywalk or have access to glass domes there would have to pay an additional cost. You don’t need to be a huge flower sucker to deeply get impressed and appreciates the Flower Dome, just get your feet there lay your eyes enjoy the heavenly scent and let it judge on its own. It could’ve been better if not departing in 3 hours unfortunately the driver was already waiting outside to drop him to the Airport.

“It’s not always about how long you stayed in one place, but how it indulged your spirit and the feeling of being at home is more enough to fall in love with the city”

Dried Roses in My Closet

Once had a stunning youthful glow that stands out from the rest, the jazzy velvety colors of the petals and the alluring scent that lingers and get stuck in the senses has gone. Now every side dried out, leaves almost falls off from the stalk and not as lovely as freshly picked. The form didn’t changed except that it doesn’t look alive anymore and fragile not to hold it tight, but why I still keep them after all when there are tons of reasons to trash them away. Roses are one of the sweetest creation that never needs to compete for crowns to justify they exist, they just naturally bloom one day into the prettiest version of their own that brings a bliss in a single blink of an eye. It has the power to convey the sincerest kind of affection that oftenly can’t be expressed by words. I’ve got these hanged in my closet for quite a while, still I found them attractive and always makes me smile whenever I see them (sounds cheesy huh ,but yes it was my first time receiving a bouquet of flowers upon arriving at the airport). Looks could have been faded through months or years yet it all turned to more uniquely styled version of elegance that blossomed over the time of maturity. That kind of beauty that fresh ones doesn’t have, the experience along the way to a well lived life⚘

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.Song of Solomon 4:7

Friday Contemplation from “Room 905”

Sitting next to the glass window of 9th floor right on spot view of well-built architectures and busy bright lights on the street cars moving everywhere trying to catch the day before it ends. I wonder why their weekend falls on Thursdays and Fridays what’s special on these days? Why not the usual Saturdays and Sundays? Is it because Friday is their Salaat-Ul-Jumma? Really, I have no idea but living here for quite some time get me used to this pattern. Days are passing by so fast in a snap of the finger without realizing a second has gone. It was like yesterday I came and the whole thing looks dreary and daunting like a fish out of the water cause by the unusual set up of the district being compared to my native country, and yes today is my 3 years of loving every blind side of this place and the sensory memories which will never leave me. Could be true when in Rome do as the Romans do if you know what I mean. Behind the luminosity lies the dusty desert coating the entire city of Doha concealed by darkness and snazzy skyscrapers that magnetize the eyes of the gazer. Random thoughts occupying my head waiting for the electric kettle hit 100°C to make my Joe while the distressing news about Pakistan bombing keeps playing on different tv channels and can’t help but to ponder why people are so heartless nowadays, can somebody tell “Genie” to come out of the bottle and put these killers in?!!Facing the blank screen moving my cursor left and right puzzled of words hitting backspace and retype and backspace when a sudden mocking blip from the boiling water just broke the silence ready to stir up my cup. Naively starring outside and see no stars probably the effect of the artificial lights in night skies which makes it hard to detect by own eyes just as how rare the rain shows up on this land. This isn’t my first time coming here however it’s different from all other days I took to this place. Maybe because the landscape is so magnificent? I don’t think so. Could it be that it’s such a beautiful night? Nah, that can’t be. Maybe it had to do with the fact that my mind can freely travel the farthest my sight could the way my hands navigate right words on keyboards to fill in the blank page, like how fairytales excites and astonish the imagination of the kids. Guess I just found my feet today when nobody can get my butt in gear when it comes to things I couldn’t do the whole week long. One great way to instill that feeling of happiness is simply sit in silence, for just a few minutes, and just be. Observe the breath without inferring how slow or how fast it is going or what thoughts are coming and going and allow ourselves to actually feel our own presence. The presence of true self. The essence of who we are and this is what exactly I love about Fridays when the birds are out of the cage and can freely soar highly in the sky.

STILTS “the Maldives” of Batangas

Beautifully creates a tinkling melodious sound out of silence sway by the wind that gives an enormous captivating effect to uplift the spirit and soul. Beyond the horizon where eyes and lines meet lies a vibe to be felt and engraved. Hidden in the Western Coast Peninsula of Calatagan is a resort called “ Stilts Beach” the dubbed Maldives inspired landscape in the province of Batangas (3 hours drive from the South of Manila). The stunning white sand paradise and iconic floating cottages above pristine water with fully furnished wooden lanai has perfect setting to crack the hustle and bustle city life and simply enjoy watching the sun falls down the skyline.

Taking a wheel to this small town doesn’t come cheap but surely gives you a whole whale of time. They have different room types depending on pocket preference if wish to stay overnight and day tour is an option as well . I could say I’m pretty lucky enough to be a local cause I’ve got plenty of reasons not to spend a dime for 1 night of forty winks since my house is utterly close by.

We buckled our seatbelts and drove to resort with my bestfriend last April 2018.

Passing the green lane of ravishing trees we reached the main entrance, two security guards asked if we have a reservation and told them we’re just gonna have dinner. They handed the pass and directed the way to infinity parking lot which wasn’t jammed that day. As getting nearer to the reception area we’re hearing the clapper kept playing in the cool breeze from the sea, the catchy tag lines posted in every corner surely won’t make you back out your feet. In the lobby is where the restaurant located more woody tables outside the pavilion to be occupied with a dense view of cottages and beach, chimes hung on the trees being swayed by the wind and cozy lanterns glow adding a unique sentiment of the moment. As luck would have it the waiter came to our table and offered a complimentary welcome drink (it’s from a friend who’s working there yet I don’t say either to have a big cheese on plate to get the attention) I guess that’s just one of the perks being in hometown where someone knows someone. We ordered “bulalo’’ the famous dish in Batangas, scrummy “lumpiang hubad” ,their chocolate pastry with drops of Bacardi rum which was quite strong to be honest. Shortly after having our sumptuous dinner we decided to take a walk in the stretch of the beach under the bright stars and get mesmerized how charming the night was like a tourist trapped in a beautiful island somewhere and doesn’t want to go back yet. Sitting in a gazebo on the beach adorned with candle lights and white flowers, the tiny woooosshhh sound of the wave , who wouldn’t wish to get a diamond ring right on the spot? None of us anyway! but cup of Joe did saved us😊 “Kuya” who’s in charge in the venue was cool enough to pitch in and capture good shots in between. I mean 3-4 hours break into this place wrapped up our night and call it a day. Might be a bit pricey for some, but the snap happiness and smiles it brings gives a fair shake yet even greater memorable experience.

” Happy hearts always win and smiles that can’t be taken back is something worth than a million. At the end of the day we look for our kind of serenity and always, always it finds us back home”

You can visit our Facebook page for details of the rates

AC Needs A Kit-Kat Too

Yesterday I was on the phone with my Client discussing about their honeymoon plans when my Manager hastily went on panic and yelled telling our neighboring Villa was on fire. Everyone was in a hurry to leave the office and save their passports left in their closets and me sitting upfront playing like a deadpool talking about Maldives Package and all. My friend who’s living in the opposite block of flats kept me posted of the current situation in case it gets worst. There’s a rule that taking pictures/videos are prohibited and subject for deportation, who wouldn’t get scared of that when police officers started checking each and every person they’ve seen holding phones during the event. It’s no different with any other countries having paparazzi everywhere, but sharing in social media to get sympathy or interest for trending status cause is a big NO NO!

While girls were downstairs ,they’ve heard a loud bang coming from the master’s bedroom. All get alarmed and rushed to the 2nd floor when they saw the Air Conditioner sparks from the back end of the stabilizers loose contact in the screw that started emitting fumes and quickly turned into flames ignited by some fabrics and woods next to it due to overheating of the compressor. Firefighters came after few minutes being wrapped by heavy smoke and getting suffocated by the smell of burnt wires and materials. Given the comfort AC  brings to cool our space , it’s not bad at all to switch it off when not necessary. Sometimes it works better and last longer when we’re  giving it a break.

Biyukukung in the Midst of Ubud Bali

Biyu which means banana and Kukung is a snake fruit. We arrived at the hotel passed 5 pm and from the reception area I could see the refreshing scenery of green rice fields, the sound of water stream from the infinite pools and the high pitch chirping sound of the cricket. The place was just simply fascinating and so are the staffs. She handed the room key and we walked ahead to room 101. Dangled of white curtains draped on the front glass door with a mini balcony and garden facing paddy and bamboo villas on the other side was just stunning to stare at and feels so homey. There’s a complimentary fruit bowl of banana and snake fruit on the wooden table where the property was named after Biyukukung Suites. The location is very accessible that makes it easy to roam by walk whether it’ll be restaurants, souvenir shops, spa and yoga center or even tourist spots like Monkey Forest which is 2.1 km away from the hotel. The roads were not congested though scooters are everywhere being used by locals and tourists. From Kuta we have arranged our full day car hire costing 500,000 IDR per day through the recommendation of our friend (I can share the contact if you need). While on our way we’ve seen Balinese people placing offerings in front of small shrines in their houses, a thin stick of burning incense surrounded by brightly colorful flowers and petals that brings balance and peace. It’s enthralling to see how devoted they are when it comes to their spiritual practices that’s not always witnessed mostly in my country. We dined in “Bebek Bengil” restaurant near Monkey Forest and enjoyed their local signature of Nasi Goreng and the crispy duck for the first time and hate me not but I think what we’ve paid deserves more for our taste buds cause it’s a bit pricey or maybe we’re not just a fan of duck but seriously worth of a try if coming to Ubud.

We continued walking after our dinner and checked out some souvenir shops and convenient stores nearby incase we’ll be in need of something. In Bali everything is “Hati” means heart and there’s what they call “Hati-Hati” or take care of your heart. A glimpse of sun rays in the window seeing the view of rice paddy from my bed and hearing the birds twittering in the balcony was such a captivating morning to wake up and have coffee watching the sunrise.


While having our breakfast we had a bit chit chat with the waiter of the hotel. He is 59 yrs old, very nice and generous enough to share the native culture of Bali, famous places to visit, restaurants for the best local dish, meditation centers, spiritual healers and who would forget this Guru guy from Eat Pray and Love movie “Ketut” which he said passed away few years ago .I love the simplicity of their lives, dreams that aren’t complicated and contentment of what they have is something that we don’t get across everyday and having the chance to experience the free worry kind of world around is certainly special.

We booked our flights and hotel and the rest were just happened on the road. Backpacks, white sneakers and sometimes flip flops or bikes is all you need in Ubud. No need for clay fancy stuffs. Respect that won’t cost an arm and leg, the basic and simplest rule to follow mostly when going to Holy Temples. Girls should wear sarong or kain kambeng and scarfs known as selendang for men.

Undeniably one of my favorite Temple in Ubud is Pura Tirta Empul. It’s a crowded place during mid day yet with a peaceful awe inspiring for devotees. Don’t leave without having a purification bath in the holy water springs believing to bring good health and success in life. It has 13 channeled sprouts to perform your prayers and skip the 11th and 12th (they say it’s ritual for the dead).

Entrance Fee : IDR 15,000 per person

The lovely Tegalalang Rice Terraces that serves as the highlight of the photo op after long steps sweating and extra pounds burning we’re all worth it after hours of trekking and resting under the trees. There’s nothing to stash from the pocket here unless maybe you would hire a guide.

Bali Luwak Coffee Plantation

Tasting Luwak coffee was my favorite part being a “coffeaholic” if the term make sense. It’s one of the most expensive coffee that comes from the poop of Palm Civet. We’ve paid IDR300,000 for the entrance fee including the great treat of different brews of coffees/teas with a twist of spices made by their self hand.

Mt Batur was one of the top spot during the tour. The climate in the surrounded area was a bit colder, street vendors selling souvenirs at bargained prices and this pretty needlelike spikes that everyone claims for the foul odor was on our curiosity list for taste test crest. Yes I’m talking about Durian fruit that everyone hates. Strange piece with a unique and striking taste that smells stinky socks yet I couldn’t say it’s disgusting. We liked it to be honest but maybe just “maybe” in a form of candies would be better.

Mt. Batur

Every journey woudn’t  be complete without souvenirs to take home. I’m a huge sucker of lucky charms and luckily we found one near the hotel. I bought a rudraksha beads bracelet that says a tear from Shiva’s eye grew into this tree and wearing it will have her protection so I’m using it everyday and guess it’s working 😊

We had this trip in April 2018 ,spent 2 nights in Kuta and 3 nights in Ubud too short for such a beautiful place like Bali. We’re planning to go back soon and hoping for a little longer stay.

Perfect Cheesy Bait For Her

“Where have you been all my life? Looking for you in all wrong places but I can’t say I regret it because if I didn’t take that road I might not have found you”.

“I have spent my life looking for love and failed. And when I gave up you came and picked me up, dust me off and hugged me.I embrace the life with you and can’t wait to tell our kids what a beautiful love looks like and that they should never give up.”

“I can’t fall with another .And not because of you. Or not only because. It’s just that I spend a lot of time thinking of you.”

“I love you regardless of your brain shutting down”

“I always keep my promises. And I promise that as long as I got you by my side I’ll fight the world for your smile”.

“Being with friends and outside is cool. But if I can be honest I wish I could spend this time with you. Just the two of us.”

“You are my priority. You got so fast to being my number one. It’s impressive how you did that.”

“I would probably need 10 yrs to finish saying in words how you make me feel in one second of a random day.”

“If you let me I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine and nothing in the world will stand against us.”

Candy Jars Deserves What?

Eye catchy , yes definitely! Does it taste good? yes! the stoned shape taste better. Which is sweeter?nips it is! Why some nips looks exactly the same? no, not really! some the bottom or side is cracked. Why the shapes are different? aha!machine made it this way to hypnotize your eyes. And so why they’re mixed? cause they look adorable together, aren’t they? Which one to put in candy jars? uhm!I think kisses are better 🌰

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