Bonhomie Piece of Qatar 🇶🇦

Perhaps not in your TOP Bucket list to wander caused by society’s connotation be related to one of the Arab Countries. The truth is Qatar is not a soulless place. In fact, it’s a great spot for sunshine at least before the temperature strikes 41°C and not as cold as snow during winter season. Structures of the buildings brings a unique modern profile to the skyline of the city in the middle of the desert.

Still in the development stage where constructions are everywhere and possibly the drawback for some areas.Plenty of huge shopping centers with less people than the usual malls we have back home except weekend of Thursday and Fridays. Local women in traditional dress (abaya) worn with pride on a daily basis showing their fashionable heeled stilettos or stacked heels while men with the usual thawbs ,beards and moustache that emphasizes their strong willed personalities. The population consists higher percentage of expatriates than locals working in different fields with equally reasonable wage based on level of position. Cost of living is way better than Dubai, but if you’re a real clubber and can’t live without the juicy strips of bacon then you have to stash extra bucks to gratify your fancy. Instagramable coffee shops sites, the aroma of roasted beans lingers in your head ,scrummy taste of pastries or muffins even a bite of chocolate cookie and a sip of hot Turkish coffee are definitely worth of a try.

Middle East is not all about desert and camels, wide roads or sand storms

but attractive beaches not to mention of wearing bikinis is a big NO! Banana Island Resort a setting closed to perfection of scenic view with defined Architectonic design that’s just 5 min away ferry ride from Shoekh Port.

Famed marketplace of Souq Waqif flooded of stalls and bustling people studded with local restaurants, souvenir shops, the scent of homeland in all corners will make you feel the essence of Arabian country.

Tourist should not need to worry about the no go areas as place is safe yet being cautious around you isn’t such a bad idea at all, crimes are very low compared to other neighboring countries even by walking alone in the street or alleys just amazed me as an Asian exposed to lawbreaking activities. Living here for 3 years I could say Qatar is a glam and gem, beautifully flicker on its own that earns a spot on your list as well.

“Unjustified judgement of minds before seeing what it truly deserves molds the character of an individual that leaves mark in the society.”.

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