Easy Peasy Ways To Be a Good Traveler

  • Mind that travelling is not all about spending money but collecting unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime.
  • Familiarize the places to visit. Back to basic is always good to start with like a bit history of the city, tourist spots,special cuisines to try,how people live, etc.
  • Stop being like a Genius. Throw questions to people around you. Don’t just sit in the corner and figure it out yourself. Get details from locals as they know the place more than you do.
  • Explore ! A city’s charm’s  lie miles away from where your eyes can see. Following the trail is good but sometimes being unique is even more better.
  • Pay back ! It wouldn’t be too bad leaving a few bucks to people who helped you steer clear the walks.
  • Ignore the “I don’t know what to say SYNDROME” .Always be ready to gab at all times .Be open for new learnings about other culture and traditions or just about anything.
  •  Take pictures as much as you can for one day you will look back and smile for a beautiful experience you had. You can also post some reviews or blog for the interest of other globetrotters.

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